Tools / planners / videos

The resources below have been developed on common themes arising through my work with supervisors.

How can supervisors respond in the moment, and support stressed PGRs? How can you recognise the symptoms of stress in those you work with, and how can you support your students in a way that doesn’t make things worse, or patronise them? What can you do ‘in the moment’ and over time to acknowledge stress, and help?
Collated in this video are some ideas about the expectation clashes that can cause tension in the student supervisor relationship. What conversations can you have up front with your students? How can you build up certainty within an uncertain process?

Structured reflection on a difficult relationship: It’s often easier to understand with the gift of hindsight how a supervision relationship developed, what influenced the partnership, and where things went right and wrong. This is a tool that can be used as a private reflection, or as a way of structuring a conversation with a supportive colleague, mentor, coach or manager.

Difficult conversation planner, for Supervisors: Sometimes we all have to deliver unwelcome news, difficult feedback, or unexpected messages, and there is no easy or right way to achieve this. This conversation planner might help you think it out.

BIG QUESTIONS for Supervisors: The big questions about what ‘doctorateness’ is, are difficult, because there is no clear answer to them. Making some notes about your own understanding of these issues will help you discuss them with your students.

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