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This blog is a dynamic community site designed to share research outcomes and practical perspectives on PhD supervision in a way that supervisors can use to develop their practice.

Would you like to write for the blog?

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There are three ways to contribute:

(1) Translate your Journal Article: if you have published an article on PhD supervision, you can link to it and promote it in the blog. This type of post is written with the intention of translating your research into practice, and should be light on theory, focusing on recommendations or practical ideas for supervisors or HE institutions. In ~750 words, tell us what change you hope to see as a result of publishing your work.

(2) Peer-to-peer ‘Community Acuity’ posts: these are from supervisors, to supervisors. In 500-750 words, they share thoughts, experiences and reflection of the the challenges and rewards of supervising doctoral students e.g. your approach, how you tackle difficult issues, or lessons learned along the way.

(3) A ~1000 word academic / researcher developer perspective on supervision: issues, training, development, strategy, eligibility, etc, written for developers or strategy managers in HE institutions

Please get in touch to discuss a piece from any angle or insight you find meaningful from your work.

Style guide:

Please send a word document containing:

a title, a one line bio, the text of your post, and a copyright free photo*.

Blogs are more direct and informal because we want them to appeal and be accessible to a wide audience. Blog articles should be light on theory and academic language, focusing on practices, findings or outcomes and the implications for supervisors, or some pragmatic guidance. The main readership is supervisors (from all disciplines) and so posts should speak to them as the primary audience. It’s also read by academic and researcher developers, and people in roles such as Graduate School Directors.

Though I still expect your piece to present a coherent story, argument, or case study, writing for the Supervising PhDs blog is less formal than traditional academic writing, and I want to make space for individual authors voices, opinions and styles to connect with the readers. 

I commit to making the blog site accessible to all readers and the users of our materials, in line with the 2019 accessibility requirements for public sector bodies.

Authors can ensure their post is well read by:

  • Staying under 1000 words
  • Embedding references (or further reading) as hyperlinks in the text, rather than listing academic references
  • Getting to the point. Putting the main message right up front, not at the end.
  • Choosing a title which tells the reader what they will get, i.e. the main point or argument of the post
  • Writing in short paragraphs
  • Not assuming readers are familiar with the vocabulary of your discipline. Avoid specialist language, jargon and acronyms
  • Linking to previous posts on the Supervising PhDs blog where relevant, this will also help you find your unique niche and avoid duplication
  • Promoting the article once live, within their own professional and/or social media networks

I am happy to answer questions, discuss an idea or outline, or give feedback on a draft article. Once I receive a draft I will work with you to provide editorial support to shape, format, post and promote the article.

The Supervising PhDs blog public, and is Creative Commons licensed, so others may share are use the posts intact, but they must attribute the work to the original blog link and author.

* Please suggest one or more images to accompany your post. Take a photo or screenshot, or choose from a copyright free repository. Images should only be used where the author owns the copyright, or where the image is copyright free or licensed for Creative Commons use. Permission is required if others are in the photo. See here for sources:

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