Praise and encouragement goes a long way towards building confidence in laboratory work

Charlotte Slaymark is a Technician at the University of Glasgow, and holds the UKCGE Recognised Associate Supervisor Award.

The Auditorium

By Charlotte Slaymark, Biogeochemistry Technician and PhD Candidate, University of Glasgow

A person with long hair adn heir back tot he camera, engages in scientific work at a lab bench

Supervision may be the most important aspect of a postgraduate’s experience during their masters or PhD programme. Supervisors are there to teach, guide, develop, support, and empower postgraduates into becoming independent researchers and highly skilled people. The experience is formative, and it is likely the candidate will remember it for their entire life.

Supervision in physical sciences often comes from several people to provide different expertise, training, development, and support. I think it is important all aspects of supervision are considered for a successful postgraduate experience which is why I took time to reflect on my supervisory practice by taking part in the UK Council for Graduate Education Associate Supervisor Award.

This blog piece is about my day-to-day experience as a research technician (and part time PhD candidate), supervising on post-graduate projects in the School of Geographical and…

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