Festive Five!

By Dr Kay Guccione, Blog Editor.

Happy holidays supervision fans! Here below is your Festive Five. It’s the top 5 most highly read SupervisingPhDs blog articles from 2021.

  1. To support PGR wellbeing, focus on building a strong relationship by the University of Lincoln’s Dr Trish Jackman (@Trish_Jackman), Principal Investigator on the Getting Off to a Mentally Healthy Start in Doctoral Study project.
  2. Supporting doctoral writers as writers by Dr Rachael Cayley (@rachaelcayley), Associate Professor in the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto
  3. Is there an award for postdocs who supervise? Now there is! by Dr Kay Guccione, now Head of Researcher Development at the University of Glasgow.
  4. The home: a complex location for doctoral carers by  Dr James Burford (@jiaburford), now a Lecturer at the University of Warwick, and Co-Founder of the Conference Inference blog, which discusses the role and meaning of academic conferences.
  5. More JEDI needed in PhD supervision by Dr Jessica Gagnon (@Jess_Gagnon) now a Lecturer at the University of Manchester and an educational sociologist, focused on inequalities in Higher Education.

Here are the Supervision Selection Box rounding up the big hitters of 2020

And here’s the Yule Blog collection of the most read posts in 2019.

Wishing you a restful and restorative festive season, take care, be warm and well, and if you would like to write for the blog in 2021, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

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