the yule blog collection

Happy holidays supervision fans! Here are the last three years’ top 12 posts presented for your festive enjoyment.

A white woman stands alone at the centre of a yellow cross painted onto  an open road. She looks apprehensive and clasps her hands.
12. What of person-centred PhD supervision?
Outside a building, on a grassy bank, a sign reads 'now hiring'.
11. to increase PhD student satisfaction, recruit academic supervisors who contribute positively to the departmental culture
A white woman and two East Asian students, one woman, one non-binary gendered, share laughter around a group work table.
10. the power of peer support
A male PhD student covers his face with his hands in a gesture of stress.
9. ally with your stressed students
Two colleagues, a transgender woman and a non-binary gendered person, laughing in a meeting at work
8. stop reacting, and start supervising with intention
A hand reaches out of a dark sea implying that its owner is in need rescue.
7. protecting supervisors who respond to the mental health and wellbeing needs of international research students.
A giant hand carved out of wood holds up a precarious tree branch in a gesture of support.
6. what do we really know about PhD mental health, and how can this support our students?
A row of hand carved wooden spoons rests in a holding rack. The spoons are all differently shaped and sized.
5. spoon-feeding PhD students – extending the metaphor for supervisory practice
The hand of a student moves pins, string and notes to create an intricate wall planner.
4. PhDs’ career strategies – a game theory informed analysis
A student covers their face with a giant question mark.
3. running a ‘Question Club’ for postgraduates
Six large lightbulbs shine dimly, in a dark room.
2. supervising in the dark – a call for an expanded doctoral pedagogy
A non-binary gendered student walks down an alleyway. The alley is dark but they are illuminated.
1. democratising doctoral education

I hope you enjoy them in the run up to your holiday break. And then I hope you very much enjoy, and encourage your doctoral researchers to enjoy, a good holiday break. Let us know how you take rest and replenish your energy for research on Twitter, using #takebreaksmakebreakthroughs

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